/ November 6, 2017/ Argentina, Media, Photos

Brent and Bonnie Jonson in Argentina preparing to teach university students how to minister the Good News of Messiah to Jewish people in Argentina.


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  1. Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Yeshua,

    I am coming to BA (GOD willing in Feb. 2020. I am attending a AOG church in Plattsburgh, NY have gone to Argentina for 20 years or so for the winter. Is there anyway I can meet this amazing group? I will pray that it is available to all and open to all.

    God’s Love and Smiles,
    Catherine M. F. Camarda

    1. Hello Catherine,
      The world headquarters for Jacob’s Hope is in Springfield, MO. We would be happy for you to stop by our office in Springfield, MO if you are visiting the state. We minister to many locations globally including BA, Argentina. Currently we are not in BA and our next scheduled trip to Argentina is for the fall of 2020. Thank you for contacting us. If you would like more information on the ministry of Jacob’s Hope please let me know.
      Pastor Wade Clark

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