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Israel needs our prayers. “Watchmen on the Wall” is an international group of intercessory prayer warriors. This page is some of the intercessory prayer needs for Israel. Therefore each month Jacob’s Hope “Watchmen on the Wall” team post new prayer requests for Israel. The new prayer needs are posted in the first week of each month so check at the beginning of each month for the new prayer needs.Please read and pray for the needs of Israel. Some can go, some can send, and some can pray. Thank you for joining with us to pray for Israel.

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Watchmen on the Wall

December 2017 Prayer Points – Watchmen on the Wall

/ December 1, 2017/ Prayers

Watchmen on the Wall prayer needs for Israel and Jacob’s Hope for December 2017 ~ Watchmen on the Wall “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”     Psalm 122:6a December 2017 Prayer Points Pray for Israeli military to prepare for the unexpected and predictable along the Syrian border. Pray the citizens will have time to evacuate from areas near the northern border. As God’s agenda advances, pray the people will

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November 2017 Prayer Points

/ November 3, 2017/ Prayers

      ~ Watchmen on the Wall         “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”     Psalm 122:6a   November 2017 Prayer Points Pray Israelis will experience Adonai’s peace no matter their physical circumstances. Pray Jesus, Y’Shua, will be revealed to Jewish people in Israel and globally.  Living a “normal” life looks different in Israel and other nations from our daily life. Israelis live under continual stress,

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October 2017 Prayer Points – Pray

/ October 18, 2017/ Prayers

Pray for Israel and Jacob’s Hope 1. Pray for favor over Israeli dealings with cooperative, moderate Arab states. Pray Israeli business associations and acts of service in Latin America will bring honor to ADONAI. Also Pray Israel will be a blessing to the nations and He will bless those who bless His people according to the promise of Genesis 12:3. Do not withhold good from those to whom

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September 2017 Prayer Points

/ September 8, 2017/ Prayers

1. Pray for protection upon the people during the September festivals. Pray Jehovah Rohi (The Lord my Shepherd) will lead them to understanding and acceptance of Messiah Y’Shua. We are currently in the month of Elul, a time of prayer, soul-searching, and repentance for national sins. This is followed by Rosh Hashanah, the Feast of Trumpets, (sunset Sept. 20 – sunset Sept. 22), that begins the ten Days

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August 2017 Prayer Points

/ August 2, 2017/ Prayers

1.  Pray for Israel’s security forces protecting the Temple Mount that methods used for security will be unobtrusive and effective against attacks allowing access to all worshipers. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem that evil plans fail and the enemies of God would be caught in their own traps. Most of you are aware of the elevated tensions over the Temple Mount. The security situation began on July

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