Wade & Debby Clark

Wade & Debby Clark – Hope for the Children Of Jacob

Shalom from Wade and Debby Clark

Never Too Late For Missions

Wade & Debby Clark are Missionary Associates serving with Jacob’s Hope. We have heard the call to missions for many years but life with five children and a business can cause one to din the voice of God. But no longer, the burden for the lost has become too great. God has called us to rise up against the forces that bind the Jewish people and bring them liberation through a relationship with Messiah. We are working with the Jewish people of Israel, Ethiopia, Ukraine, and Latin America. Outside of Israel and New York, Buenos Aries, in Argentina, has the 5th largest population of Jewish folks in the world. We look forward to partnering with you as we bring hope to Jewish people, the “children of Jacob,” by sharing the good news of Messiah!

Please pray for the needs of Israel and Jacob’s Hope at:http://www.jacobshope.com/category/prayers/