Jacob’s Hope Delivers Prayers to Western Wall

/ January 18, 2018/ Media, videos

Brent Jonson, director of Jacob’s Hope, delivered over 1000 prayers to the Western Wall located in Jerusalem, Israel in December. The prayers were from General Council of the Assemblies of God 2017 (GC) and The World Missions Summit4 (TWMS4). Furthermore the prayers were originally put into the display wall at GC and TWMS4 by participants. The participants were wishing to have their prays inserted into the original Wall

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Jacob’s Hope Team in Israel – December 2017

/ January 9, 2018/ Israel, Media, Photos

While the Jacob’s Hope team was in Israel planning for the upcoming year of ministry in the Land. Also we were ministering to Jewish people in Jerusalem as well as other parts of the country including the northern Golan Heights area bordering Syria. Furthermore we were able to pray for the soldiers of the IDF one on one and in addition in group settings. Also we were able

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January 2018 Prayer Points – Watchmen on the Wall

/ January 3, 2018/ Prayers

.. ~ Watchmen on the Wall “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”     Psalm 122:6a January 2018 Prayer Points Pray for Israeli society January – Pray Israeli society will survive as the people remain united in support of the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). Bind any plot intended to divide the citizens to have no influence. Pray all young adults will see their responsibility to serve and realize the importance

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Hanukkah & Winter Greetings From Jacob’s Hope

/ December 1, 2017/ Media, videos

 From the Director of Jacob’s Hope This season the director of Jacob’s Hope brings greetings to all of you. Bent Johnson the director of Jacob’s Hope brings Hanukkah and Winter greetings. Brent talks about the season and story of Hanukkah. Hanukkah is the celebration of light and dedication to God. Brent talks about the difference between the temple Menorah (7 branches) and the Hanukkah Hanukiah (9 branches) used

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December 2017 Prayer Points – Watchmen on the Wall

/ December 1, 2017/ Prayers

Watchmen on the Wall prayer needs for Israel and Jacob’s Hope for December 2017 ~ Watchmen on the Wall “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem”     Psalm 122:6a December 2017 Prayer Points Pray for Israeli military to prepare for the unexpected and predictable along the Syrian border. Pray the citizens will have time to evacuate from areas near the northern border. As God’s agenda advances, pray the people will

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