Purim in Israel

/ March 9, 2017/ Articles, Israel

Purim is Sunday March 12, 2017 (starting Saturday March 11 at sundown) in Israel and around the world Purim is the Jewish holiday which commemorates the events that took place in the biblical book of Esther. Jewish traditions include the reading of the Megillah (מגילה‎‎, meaning scroll, referring to the book of Esther), dressing up in costumes and giving Mishloach Manot (משלוח מנות, meaning sending of portions, referring to the

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March 2017 Prayer Points

/ March 2, 2017/ Prayers

Pray for world leaders to seek Adonai so He will give them wisdom and understanding in diplomatic relationships and establishing economic partnerships with Israel. Australia and Singapore commend their business partnerships with Israel. President Trump said he will accept any land solution agreed upon by Israel and Palestinians. Arab news groups are agreeing the U.S. embassy should be relocated to Jerusalem and one reporter wrote “the Palestinian cause

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