May 2017 Prayer Points

/ April 25, 2017/ Prayers

  Pray for Holocaust survivors, nearing the end of their lives, they will come to know Yeshua as Messiah.  Globally there are less than 100,000 Jews who were in camps, ghettos and in hiding under Nazi occupation who are still alive today and about 500,000 living survivors, including those who fled Nazi Germany according to 2014 data from the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, one of the

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April 2017 Prayer Points

/ April 3, 2017/ Prayers

   Pray for the Good News of Yeshua (Jesus) to be revealed to His people. We are entering the time of Pesach / Festival of Passover in a few days. The festival runs April 10–18 (Gregorian calendar) and Nissan 15 through Nissan 22 (Hebrew calendar). Each element of the Passover meal reveals Messiah. Let this be the year eyes open and stone hearts change to hearts of flesh

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