Beginnings of Jacob's Hope

The Beginnings of Jacob’s Hope

 In 2009 Rabbi Jeff and Vixie Friedman under the direction of former Assembly of God World Missions director Rev. John Bueno launched the ministry of Jacob’s Hope. Furthermore the goal was to bring hope to Jewish people around the world. In 2011 the ministry of Jacob’s Hope was placed under the direction of Dr. Joann Butrin director of International Ministries. In addition Jacob’s Hope has ministered to Jewish people around the world in Eastern Europe, Ethiopia, Africa, and of course Israel. Especially relevant is that these efforts have had a tremendous impact on the lives of Jewish people. This impact is continuing today through the ministry of Jacob’s Hope. Most of all we pray G-d’s continued blessing and shalom on Jeff and Vixie who retired in 2015 from Assemblies of God World Missions. Thank you for your continued prayers and financial support. Thank you and may G-d give you grace and peace in abundance.

End Times

Recently we have seen many more Jewish people come to faith in Messiah more then in the beginning of this ministry.Therefore Jacob’s Hope team believes as we approach the return of our Savior more Jewish believers will come to know Messiah. Thus the fields are white and ready to be harvested, join us in this harvest.

Finally please partner with Jacob’s Hope and continue the great work the Friedman’s started: Contribute