Become an Intercessor

Please use this page to contact Jacob’s Hope for any reason, including prayer requests, and to sign up to become an intercessor willing to pray for Israel each month. “Watchmen On The Wall”

Jacob’s Hope – Be an INTERCESSOR for Israel – “Watchmen on the Wall”

You can receive monthly intercessory prayer needs for Israel by email or US mail. Please write: INTERCESSOR in the “Subject” section below. If you would like to receive intercessory prayer needs by US Postal Service please include your mailing address in the “Your Message” section. 

Use this page to Request Prayer also.

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To read this months “Watchmen on the Wall” prayers CLICK HERE

If you are interested in finding out more about being a MISSIONARY to Jewish people in Israel and around the world write MISSIONARY in the “Subject” section below. Please leave a phone number in the message section if you would like us to call you by phone.

Jacob’s Hope
P.O. Box 1046
Springfield, MO 65801
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Please contact us, using any of the above methods, if you are interested in having a team member speak at your congregation or event.