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Partner with Jacob’s Hope – Assemblies of God

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First of all the best way to partner with Jacob’s Hope is by filling out an online commitment form for monthly giving. You can also make a direct online secure donation to Jacob’s Hope.

The Compassion Team in Israel

Michael and Judith, our Compassion Team in Israel, need monthly commitments. Therefore please consider supporting our Israel Compassion Ministries by filling out an online monthly commitment form. Also you can make a direct online secure donation to the Compassion Team.

Specific Projects to Partner with:

Ethiopia – Class-42

Jacob’s Hope is working with congregations for community development. Jacob’s Hope assisted in  Community Health Evangelism (CHE). CHE helps to raise the standard of living for Jewish families. Also we work with the Ethiopian Assemblies of God Aid and Development Association. In addition providing micro-enterprise jobs. Also training and business development for the Jewish community of Kechene. 390907–42.

Eastern Europe – Class-44

Furthermore Jacob’s Hope partners with local congregations. Jacob’s Hope visits Holocaust survivors, while bringing hope and a practical gift of food. Also supporting outreaches at holidays and festival events allowing for the Jewish people to share a meal. The outreaches also allow Jewish people to experience the love and hope extended by local believers in an economically challenged part of the world. 390907–44.

Latin America – Class-70

Jacob’s Hope is actively working with congregations, churches and Bible Schools in Argentina. Jacob’s Hope educates students about the Jewish roots of the faith and effectively share hope with the Jewish community. 390907–70.

Support for other team members:

Brent & Bonnie Johnson: CLICK HERE

Wade & Debby Clark: CLICK HERE

To see pictures of what the Jacob’s Hope Team is doing around the world go to: PICTURES