December 2021 Prayer Points – Preparation & Protection

December 2021 Prayer Points – Preparation & Protection

Preparation & Protection

“You are My club, a war weapon—with you I shatter nations, with you I destroy kingdoms.”

Jeremiah 51:20 (Tree of Life Version)

Prayer for Ethiopia

The Ethiopian rebels continue to destroy property and lives. They are now in position to advance on the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa. Consequently the collapse of Ethiopia would signal a move with genocidal intent against the Jews and Christians. In response to the worsening civil war, Israel will accept 3,000 Jewish people for aliyah. Those with previously approved paperwork will make a quick departure for Israel.


  • Ethiopian believers to show the love of Yeshua to Jewish refugees
  • Also for the Lord to raise a standard against the advancing flood of rebels
  • The Ethiopian Jews moving to Israel
  • A miraculous end to the slaughter and destruction in Ethiopia
  • In addition for a shipping container with medical and theological resources to make it through customs without hindrance!

Prayers through December

Hanukkah occurs Nov 28-Dec 6. Activities honoring the birth of Messiah occur throughout the month. Woven into the most wonderful time of the year are the increasing anti-Semitic actions of a few that takes the focus off of the Light of the World.


  • More Jewish people to recognize the Jewish Messiah when they hear the reading of Luke 2
  • Also more Christians to gain understanding of God’s love for the Jewish people
  • Believers to stand against anti-Semitism

Prayer for Israel’s Preparation and Protection

The main enemy of Israel has accumulated the required materials of destruction and all that remains is to assemble the parts. Israeli citizens are being told to prepare for impending conflict. Apart from the miraculous, this war could be devastating. The armed forces are perfecting its ability to combine cyber, human and visual intelligence to halt attacks and prepare for the battlefield. The focus of the IDF is to strike the right balance between combat effectiveness and its own rules of engagement without harming the civilian population.


  • God to prepare the government, military, civilians for whatever comes
  • The military to be empowered to conduct their attacks with precision
  • Civilians remain unharmed
  • Similarly the parents of the IDF soldiers
  • Also the Messianic believers to share the light of hope during these dark times

Prayer for Believers in Hostile Nation

The world’s fastest growing church is in a country extremely hostile toward Israel. The underground church has different beliefs from the recognized Orthodox religions. Also the underground church has a love for Israel and does not accept replacement theology.


  • Firstly, protection over civilians in any future military operations
  • Secondly, he underground church body to receive strength, encouragement and discipleship
  • Thirdly, the underground church to pray for the peace of Jerusalem
  • Fourthly, provision for believers who in turn share with non-believers as a witness to God’s faithfulness

Prayer for Jacob’s Hope

  • Our partnerships for Hanukkah outreaches with Ukraine and Israel Messianic congregations will produce fruit
  • Likewise the Hope Center in Israel will fulfill the Lord’s purposes
  • Also the right people to serve God through missions to the Jewish people
  • In addition for our supporters, prayer partners, families and missionaries to be healthy in all ways
  • Also peace of Jerusalem 

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