July Prayer Points – Guardians of the Land

Guardians of the Land and for the People

Defending Israel does not just lie with the military; although, the Israeli Defense Force is vital to protecting the land. In addition, standing with Israel does not automatically occur when a nation’s government signs a treaty. In fact, several countries with recent presidential elections hold no interest in befriending Israel. When all’s said and done, the believer in Messiah Jesus is a defender of Israel.

All over the world the Jewish people live among the Gentiles. Most importantly, the citizens work together for the benefit and peace of the community. However, when crises increase so do conflicts between neighbors. The command to love one another is not negotiable. People might think that if just one more treaty or law is signed then neighbors will live in peace. It might seem logical that if one group would stop their behavior then the other group would cease their retaliatory response. One tactic of the enemy of our soul is to divide, to keep animosity, fear and division stirred up between people groups. This evil tactic is working between denominations and within the body of believers. In doing so, defending Israel becomes of little interest. 

“Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.” Psalm 20:7 ESV


  • Godly wisdom and discernment for the military leaders
  • Messianic believers to be leaders in the military and leaders in sharing Messiah
  • Many soldiers to come to salvation
  • God’s supernatural protection over the military and Israel
  • Plans of the enemy to be prevented
  • Salvation of national leaders
  • Godly wisdom for national leaders
  • Believers to remember the enemy is not a particular person or people group
  • The Gentile and Jewish person to live peacefully in communities
  • The Gospel continues to touch the hearts of the Jewish people and results in more salvations
  • Establishing communities of faith in every area of ministry
  • The peace of Jerusalem

Prayer for Jacob’s Hope – Thanks for Being our Guardians

  • Believers with Jewish understanding to answer God’s mission call to this ministry
  • All events of the General Council in August: productive meetings, health, stamina for the all-day events, divine connections
  • Our prayer partners who stand in the gap for the Israeli people around the globe (health, strength, and family relationships)

Be A Watchmen On The WALL

It is our privilege to pray for your needs.

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