July 2017 Prayer Points

  1. Pray for Israeli government and military to have wisdom, clarity and courage to deal with the growing tensions with neighboring nations in a way that furthers Adonai’s purposes. Pray the IDF will be alert, prepared and protected for whatever the future holds.

Iran’s control and threat in the Middle East is spread through Syria and Lebanon where Iran is working through Hezbollah in operating an underground weapons manufacturing factory. Israel has two obvious options, attack the weapons factory and cause a war or use diplomacy to shut down the plant. Negotiating with Lebanon government is difficult because it is Hezbollah controlled.

At the beginning I announce the end, proclaim in advance things not yet done; and I say that my plan will hold. Isaiah 46:10
You were at ease in your wickedness, you thought, “No one sees me.” Your “wisdom” and “knowledge” perverted you, as you thought to yourself, “I am important, and no one else.” Yet disaster will befall you, and you won’t know how to charm it away; calamity will come upon you and you won’t be able to turn it aside; ruin will overcome you, suddenly, before you know it.  Isaiah 47:10-11
But you, Adonai, are a shield for me; you are my glory, you lift my head.  Psalms 3:4
  1. Parents, children and teens live with threat of terrorism every day. Pray many will come into relationship with Messiah and be filled with the Ruach HaKodesh. Pray for protection, sound mind, peace that passes understanding, hope for the future, courage.

Living in the Land means living in the center of the enemy’s cross hairs. Nations continually call for the annihilation of the Israeli people in Israel and those globally scattered. The first quarter of this year saw an 86-percent increase in anti-Semitic incidents across the U.S. from the same period in 2016. Living with fear or PTSD is a very real problem especially in areas close to the borders of Lebanon and Gaza.

He will have pity on the poor and needy; and the lives of the needy he will save. He will redeem them from oppression and violence; their blood will be precious in his view.  Psalms 72:13-14
Let your grace comfort me, in keeping with your promise to your servant. Show me pity, and I will live, for your Torah is my delight. Psalms 119:76-77
Since I was young they have often attacked me, but they haven’t overcome me.  Psalms 129:2
I will know you are pleased with me if my enemy doesn’t defeat me.  Psalms 41:12

We are glad you are part of our team of Watchmen on the Wall for the nation of Israel and Jewish people around the world. We hope you will be prompted to pray for the needs presented this month and for special needs of the Jacob’s Hope ministry. Currently we serve the Jewish community in Israel, Ethiopia, Ukraine and Argentina. We pray Adonai blesses you as you bless the Jewish people, the apple of his eye.

Prayer requests for Jacob’s Hope

  • Pray for the partnership between Jacob’s Hope, the Ethiopian National A/G church and the Messianic Congregation for a sustainable financial generator to empower the Messianic believers in developing their own businesses within their local congregations and community and use as an evangelistic outreach to the neighborhood. The National church also would be involved for planting home bible studies.
  • Pray for our Jacob’s Hope missionaries residing in Israel who are searching for new school placements and teachers for their children Yoni and Eliana. These missionaries conduct a “Backpack Project”. Pray this will be a blessing to students and families and pray for the many students returning to school next month.
  • We were just informed that Eurasia and Jacob’s Hope will be working together on securing a facility in Israel. This has been a continuing prayer focus for the JH team. Eurasia will now be heading up this effort in locating a facility in Israel. We look forward to supporting our field personnel in on-going discussions for their vision in the Land and will be praying and fasting to see this become a reality soon. Pray for unity in this partnership as we pursue the acquisition of a facility.

Praise Adonai for answers to prayer

  • From June’s prayer focus:  We witnessed Adonai’s protection over His people during the month of Ramadan. We praise Him for being a shield and fortress and faithfully keeping watch. One fearless solider lost her life at the hands of a terrorist and we remember her family and friends in prayer asking Ruach HaKodesh to comfort them. Thank you for praying.






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