March 2022 Prayer Points – Purim Prayer

Purim Prayer –

The book of Esther describes how God intervened to prevent the destruction of the Jewish people approximately 2500 years ago. March 16 is the feast of Purim. This is not a God-commanded feast but it is a joyful celebration. It is a celebration to remember the Lord’s divine involvement in the lives of individuals and the Jewish people. The Lord is not mentioned in the book of Esther. This tells us that even though we cannot see him God is working to deliver his people. He answers our prayers. We will praise and thank Him because the answer is on the way.

Our eyes are on the Ukraine-Russian conflict. Jacob’s Hope is standing with and supporting our Messianic leaders and congregations in Kyiv and Odessa. There are other global situations needing attention too. Thankfully God sees all. Let’s be sensitive to the Holy Spirit to pray for the needs of what we do not see or know in the natural.  Like Esther, we are here for such a time as this. “For if you keep silent at this time, relief and deliverance will rise for the Jews from another place, but you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”  Esther 4:14 ESV

Prayer For Purim 

Rescue me, Adonai, from the evil man. Protect me from the violent men—who devise evil in their heart—every day they stir up wars. They sharpen their tongue like a serpent’s—viper’s venom is under their lips.  – Selah –   Keep me safe, Adonai, from the clutches of the wicked. Protect me from the man of violence who planned to push me off my feet. The proud have hidden a trap and cords for me. They spread out a net by the path. They set snares for me. Selah   I said to Adonai: “You are my God!” Hear, Adonai, the sound of my supplications. God my Lord, the strength of my deliverance, You shield my head in the day of battle.   Psalm 140:1-8 TLV



  • De-escalation of the Ukrainian-Russian conflict
  • The Lord to give wisdom, knowledge and understanding to global leaders
  • The Lord to keep safe the 200,000 Jewish Ukrainians whether they stay or flee
  • Provision for refugees’ physical, emotional and spiritual needs
  • The salvation of the Jewish people and gentiles
  • The peace of Jerusalem and protection over the nation of Israel
  • An end to anti-Semitism
  • Intercessors to stand boldly before our King and make our requests known


Prayer for Jacob’s Hope

  • Healing and strength for our world missionaries
  • Many of our prayer and financial partners need healing for themselves or family
  • Favor with leadership for future ministry opportunities
  • Partnership between Ethiopian Messianic congregations and AG churches
  • Believers with Jewish understanding will accept the Lord’s call to serve in missions
  • Spirit-empowered ministry
  • Traveling mercies

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