May 2022 Prayer Points – Let All The Earth

“Let all the earth fear Adonai. Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him. For He spoke, and it came to be. He commanded, and it stood firm.  Adonai foils the purpose of the nations. He thwarts the plans of the peoples. The plan of Adonai stands forever, the purposes of His heart from generation to generation. Blessed is the nation whose God is Adonai, the people He chose for His own inheritance.” — Psalm 33:8-12 TLV (Tree of Life Version)

 Pray for the Jewish People       

Many reports are surfacing of Jewish people accepting salvation through Messiah during recent Passover services. As a results all over the world the number of Jewish persons coming into relationship with Messiah is increasing. This is a good report! We give praise to the One who gives the gift of salvation.

PRAY FOR:      

  • Discipleship opportunities for the new believers in Messiah
  • Also Jewish believers in Messiah will find fellowship and a place to call “home” in believing congregations

Pray for Israel

The situation in Israel is serious. The national government is unstable again. Israel continues to be the target of more intense security threats and terror. Outside nations are severely critical of Israel for the recent violence on the Temple Mount (Al-Aqsa mosque). Middle Eastern nations who joined the Abraham Accords are now accusing Israel of destabilizing its nation.

PRAY FOR:                                                          

  • IDF to be protected and supernaturally empowered
  • The enemy’s plans to be prevented so no harm comes to any Israeli citizen
  • The Lord to provide for Ukrainian refugees and workers showing His loving kindness, justice and faithfulness
  • An end to threats against Prime Minister Bennett’s son
  • False accusations and pressure from the outside world against Israel to carry no weight
  • Salvation to those who call upon the name of the Lord

 Prayer for Ethiopia

This nation is experiencing draught, locust, and internal terrorism where hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians have lost their lives. Meanwhile the devastation includes the slaughter of farm animals and destruction of schools, churches and homes. Consequently the northern area where many Jewish people live has been set back decades. Also in spite of many troubles, pastors/teachers are being trained and church plants are happening.

PRAY FOR:                                                          

  • The Assembly of God pastors and congregations to walk in truth of the Gospel, rejecting anti-Semitism and cultural superstitions
  • Theology studies to be available to more Messianic students

 Pray for Jacob’s Hope

“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.” Luke 10:2

  • A fresh outpouring of the Spirit on our missionaries to effectively accomplish ministry
  • Equally-yoked, trustworthy partnerships for future ministry in Ethiopia
  • Workers preparing in Jewish studies/understanding to go into His harvest field
  • Traveling mercies
  • Healing and strength
  • Our missionaries’ families

It is our privilege to pray for your needs.

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