Jewish Christian Relations in Ethiopia; Spirit – Filled Collaboration

/ May 27, 2021/ Ethiopia

Jewish Christian Relations in Ethiopia; A New Season of Spirit-Filled Collaboration After many years of prophetic prayer over the nation of Ethiopia in East Africa, the last two years have produced a very productive collaboration between some of the messianic community and the EAG (Ethiopian Assemblies of God). In what could only be described as a supernatural encounter of bringing Spirit-filled believers in the Jewish communities and non-Jewish

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Prayer Points September 2019 – New Year

/ August 27, 2019/ Uncategorized

Prayer for the Jewish People as the New Year Approaches                                                                 Communities will be on high alert as the Jewish New Year approaches, occurring sundown Sunday, 9/29 to after nightfall, Tuesday, 10/1. Called Rosh Hashanah or Feast of

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Prayer Points August 2019 – Ninth of Av

/ July 26, 2019/ Uncategorized

Prayer for the Ninth of Av                                                                     The Ninth of Av, a day of fasting, prayer and mourning, is the culmination of Three Weeks, called Between the Straits. It occurs this year between 17th of Tamuz (July 20) to Ninth of Av (August 11). The Hebrew Scriptures indicate these particular weeks reflect a season of heightened spiritual warfare or judgment, or both. Throughout Jewish history devastating tragedies have happened

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