Jewish Christian Relations in Ethiopia; Spirit – Filled Collaboration

Jewish Christian Relations in Ethiopia;

A New Season of Spirit-Filled Collaboration

After many years of prophetic prayer over the nation of Ethiopia in East Africa, the last two years have produced a very productive collaboration between some of the messianic community and the EAG (Ethiopian Assemblies of God). In what could only be described as a supernatural encounter of bringing Spirit-filled believers in the Jewish communities and non-Jewish missional leaders together, a new synergistic relationship has been established. In this new season, a great awareness of the blessing associated with those who bless the Jewish people has manifested as a living reality among the EAG leadership! EAG Leadership Their earnest desire to work with Jacob’s Hope (JH) and various Jewish leaders to bring hope to the Jewish people living in the rural areas of Gondar and in the city of Bahir Dar was very evident. This collaborative serves to bless, encourage, and equip Assembly of God church leaders and Jewish leaders working together to see even more workers raised up and congregations established in the north.

Missionary Associate Wade Clark joined me during a two-week trip to one of the fastest growing countries in all of Africa, Ethiopia! The Messiah YeShua whispered to me before we left that HE was going before us and we would see signs and wonders while in this beautiful country. I have discovered over the years HE never disappoints his people who walk in the provision of his presence.

We participated in the second of two-conferences that were sponsored by Jacob’s Hope. The first one was held last November, and this one was conducted in late April, and held in Gondar City with approximately 80 people in attendance.Gondar City Conference, April 2021 The group, made up of leaders from messianic congregations, and Pentecostal and Evangelical churches in the area resulted in some traveling hours to attend this powerful conference. It also included times of worship, times of prayer and praise, and time spent at the altar with the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) manifesting among those who encountered YeShua (Jesus) in new dimensions of faith and healing.Coca's Wife leadeing worship There were also prophetic words spoken over the attendees corporately and individually during these sacred times. I might add that prophetic words were given to the speakers including myself and Wade.prophetic words at Gondar Conference It was an extraordinary time to witness His presence among these choice servants of Adonai in divine prophetic fulfillment of His favor and blessing resting on both the Jewish and Gentile attendees in One New Man fashion! Jacob’s Hope sponsored these precious Jewish and Gentiles leaders, providing food, and in some cases, lodging, and handout materials for use during the three-day conference.

We also dedicated a JH sponsored water-well Well dedication Gondar April 2021in collaboration with those on the ground in a rural Jewish community bringing not only physical water but the living water of YeShua HaMashiach. The children, the parents, the elders of the community, the cattle, and the herdsman rejoiced as the water came forth from the newly established well in this very needy area. It was a wonderful, rainy, and very muddy event but, through it all, smiles prevailed. We all sensed a brighter day had arrived and the glory of the Lord was truly present.

We have discovered a tremendous need that existed among leaders and pastors across Ethiopia…Amharic Fire Bibles!Amharic Fire Bible I have always made it a practice to bring a few Amharic Bibles (the primary language in Ethiopia) with me on all of my trips to Ethiopia, but we were made keenly aware of this great need and will be sponsoring efforts to partner with other Assembly of God ministries, the African Region and other partners in order to help remedy this great need in this beautiful and challenging country.

Please, prayerfully consider your best financial gift as you participate in this Last Day’s effort to bring Hope to the Jewish people of Ethiopia through establishing a relationship with YeShua, the Jewish Messiah!

You can select the – 42 Ethiopia sub-account on the JH website to directly participate in these areas; the sponsoring ministry conferences, establishing water-wells, purchasing Amharic Bibles to be given to every pastor and leader in Ethiopia!

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