Messianic Leaders In Ethiopia Receiving Theological Education

Messianic leaders in Ethiopia receiving theological education from Jacob’s Hope –

Jacob’s Hope is teaching messianic leaders in Ethiopia. The three leaders represent over sixty congregations and 150 pastors and evangelists. The thirtytwo leaders are excited to have a theological education that is available to them in Ethiopia. The classes are written by Dr Ray Gannon and thought by Prof. Brent Johnson. There are 12 theological classes in the curriculum. Jacob’s Hope is underwriting much of the cost for the students including food, travel ,and housing. Many students come from as far as seven hours away. The class represents most of the messianic congregations in the country of Ethiopia. The students are very grateful for this educational opportunity as displayed in the video. Your financial support makes their education possible and the students understand and appreciate your generosity to help them get a quality theological education.

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