Power – “But You Will Receive Power” – July 2022


“But you will receive power when the Ruach ha-Kodesh (Holy Spirit) has come upon you; and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and through all Judah, and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8 TLV

 Focus on the Haredim

This is the ultra-Orthodox (or Haredi) Jewish community found in major cities around the world. For instance Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, New York City, London, Paris, Montreal, Melbourne, and Johannesburg. In short  their attempts to stay apart and uncorrupted by the world make them an unreached people group. They are the fastest growing segment of the Jewish community worldwide, numbering around 1.5 million. Also it is estimated by 2060 this group will make up 50% of the global Jewish population due to prioritizing the command to be fruitful and multiply.


  • Effective strategies to share the love of Messiah with Haredim
  • More online gospel engagement with Haredim who want to explore theological topics
  • The Holy Spirit to reveal the truth that Yeshua is their Messiah
  • Messianic congregations to grow disciples
  • Messianic congregations to be protected from threats, property damage and lawsuits 

Prayer for Israel

Prime Minister Bennet surrendered his position and the Israeli government, the Knesset, has dissolved until the next election on November 1 (the fifth in 4 years). Meanwhile the interim PM Yair Lapid will continue to build relationships with neighboring Sunni leaders but will have no ability to make law. Subsequently It is a fragile time to be without a functioning government.


  • The interim period to bring in men and women who will lead the nation in righteousness 
  • The next government to be righteous, unified and stable
  • The military to operate with God’s wisdom to stop any surprise internal, external and cyber attacks
  • The Holy Spirit to comfort and direct the Israeli people to find and lean into Messiah for their source of hope and protection
  • Only blessings toward Israel to come from the US president if he travels to Israel this summer
  • The peace of Jerusalem

Prayer for Jacob’s Hope

  • Health and stamina, traveling mercies for Brent as he teaches and serves in Ethiopia
  • Preparations to come together for the Hope Center dedication in September
  • Spirit-led ministry opportunities
  • Believers with Jewish understanding to answer God’s mission call
  • Spiritual, physical and emotional health for our prayer partners and for the Jewish people

It is our privilege to pray for your needs.

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