June Prayer Points – Nations Drawing Up Sides

/ May 28, 2021/ Prayers

Nations Choosing Sides Nations and individuals are drawing up sides in the aftermath of the recent war in Israel. God is watching responses to the Jewish people in their time of trouble and hardship. One day God will separate the goat nations from the sheep nations according to Matthew 25:31-46. In addition, the surge of anti-Semitism in major cities around the world typically occurs when Israel is at

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Government for Israel – Prayer Points November 2019

/ October 31, 2019/ Prayers

Prayer for Israel’s Government Israel is still without a properly elected government. There are numerous reasons for the delay, but one is refusal by secular political parties to unite with the ultra-Orthodox parties to garner the required number of seats for the coalition government. Religious freedom is already a privilege in Israel and mostly observed. The ultra-Orthodox parties, however, oppose Messianic believers in the land and maintain morality

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