Jacob’s Hope Team in Israel – December 2017

While the Jacob’s Hope team was in Israel planning for the upcoming year of ministry in the Land. Also we were ministering to Jewish people in Jerusalem as well as other parts of the country including the northern Golan Heights area bordering Syria. Furthermore we were able to pray for the soldiers of the IDF one on one and in addition in group settings. Also we were able to pray with an Orthodox Jewish man at the Tomb of David consequently planting a new seed in Israel.

Most noteworthy is that a Jewish lady at one of Jacob’s Hope compassion centers also accepted Messiah as her Lord and Saviour. As a result the women’s countenace changed dramatically from one of gloom and despair to one of joy and great brightness with a big smile. Also no longer did she have a big frown. Therefore praise God for His mercy and love to the Jewish people.

While Jacob’s Hope team found new opportunities for ministry in Israel, for 2018, we also were able to make new contacts and friends. Consequently this will open new doors to bring the Messiah to Jewish people in Israel and around the world. Most of all, since we can not do this ministry without our partners we want to thank YOU.


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