Government for Israel – Prayer Points November 2019

Prayer for Israel’s Government

Israel is still without a properly elected government. There are numerous reasons for the delay, but one is refusal by secular political parties to unite with the ultra-Orthodox parties to garner the required number of seats for the coalition government. Religious freedom is already a privilege in Israel and mostly observed. The ultra-Orthodox parties, however, oppose Messianic believers in the land and maintain morality laws. A more secular government would likely uphold religious freedom for Messianic believers to follow Jesus and share faith, as well as, a secular society’s liberty to follow a worldly path.

 “Therefore, humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, so that at the right time he may lift you up.”

1 Peter 5:6 CJB

“When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.” Proverbs 16:7 NKJV

PRAYER:  Lord, we praise You for holding all things together and protecting Israel from their enemies during this period without a functioning government. We pray the government leaders You want will humble themselves and seek Your face. You will lift them up at the right time. Even enemies will be at peace and work together for the good of Israel. People will be amazed as only the Lord could do such a thing. We trust you, Lord, to form a unified coalition government that brings glory to Your name. We pray your Kingdom come, Your will be done in Israel as it is in heaven.

 Thank you WOW Intercessors

We thank you, Lord, for the WOW intercessors that see Your heart for the Jewish people and partner to accomplish Your will. Thank you, Lord, for the watchmen on the wall who pray for the peace of Jerusalem. As written in Psalm 122: “May those who love you be at peace!” May there be shalom within their homes and families. We feel the power of their prayers when we share the Good News in an unfamiliar culture. They are with us when another Jewish person comes to faith in Messiah. Thank you for the intercessors who see the needs of the Jacob’s Hope missionary team. They cover us with prayer to serve each other in unity of heart, mind and spirit; for travel, health, and ministry opportunities. Thank you for the intercessors who are aware of the opposition we encounter at times. We are thankful for those You call to partner in prayer with us to see all Israel come to salvation in Messiah Jesus.

“I pray that the Lord will bless and protect you, and that he will show you mercy and kindness. May the Lord be good to you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26 CEV

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